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Solid investments in real estate in Bali with high Return on investment 7% – 15%.


Bali Real Estate Villas is the professional real estate company Asian Properties Nederland and Prima Mahesa Beratan Indonesia for the development of real estate villas management, sales marketing and consultant for buying and selling properties since 2001, we give a complete information for buying or own the property by given the information of every step in the process from orientation to the final ownership of dream home in one of the most beautiful areas in Asia, especially in paradise Bali Island.

The investment rules seems like complicated by all the paperwork, but don’t worry we work with the municipality local companies, as we consider this will consume a lot of energy and cost, Asian Properties Co Prima Mahesa is the right company for your dream house villas residence or any others investment bin property building ,We know very well how to do and what to do according to all government regulations.

To ensure that your dream villas fits within your budget, we will give you perfect advice, for the location, such as rice field view, ocean, the hill and we are in advance the suggestion where the right place to bulid your villas, following your passion and your style and taste.

Bali Real Estate Villas is in advance for the new houses and villas according to your request for land size, house type (for villa or residence) or can even be a commercial building with Our professional services are carried out by highly trained engineers and architects to your dream villa. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer you.

Reasons to invest in Bali.


Bali is a top 5 holiday destination

Bali has always been a top travel destination for its beauty, yet there are still hidden gems away from the main tourist spots that offer seclusion with a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. One such place is Nusa Lembongan Island, which is located on the southeast coast of Bali in the Nusa Penida district. The other place is Jembrana west Bali, olso the beste location to invest.

One of the main reasons this island is so popular is because of its diversity. You can go there for a sunny holiday and really enjoy the most beautiful beaches. Besides beaches, food and nightlife, there are many activities, attractions and unforgettable excursions here. In Bali alone, you can spend a few weeks exploring everything on the island without getting bored. Seminyak in Bali is one of the most popular destinations, with almost all of the above attractions.


Indonesia and the 7% Growth

With the rapid development of Bali not only as an island but also in the real estate sector, the question it raises is not how do I invest, but where do I invest? At the moment is west Bali district Jembrana de best place to invest with a high return on investment. Bali offers a variety of magical forms of escapism, such as hours of surfing, tropical climate and spiritual awakening. Bali is really a paradise, once you have been there, you will often hear the island of the gods calling you.

Why not spend your days in a place where the sun is shining, people are always friendly, and your soul is always happy? As the Indonesian rupiah is at a historically low level, expats and investors will benefit from “electricity purchases” and be able to live in paradise at very low prices, but as the real estate market continues to climb, you will definitely see returns since the early 2000s, Calculated at 20% per year based on the value of the land.


Nearly ten million tourists visit Bali every year.

The tourism industry in Indonesia is also growing. Nearly 10 million tourists visit Bali  Indonesia every year. The country Indonesia consists of the most diverse islands in Asia, including the well-known Sumatra, Java and Bali. Indonesia is a traditional and cultural country with a Dutch background. The country became independent in 1945, but the older generation still speaks a little Dutch. This is an adventurous country, but also ideal for a quiet holiday in the sun. Orangutans live deep in the jungle of this island. It is a great sight for any nature lover. There are many Buddhist buildings on the island of Java, including the Borobudur, the largest Buddhist holy site in the world. It was wonderful to stay in Bali, the volcanic sandy beach and the clear water ensure a relaxing holiday.



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Giving back

Bali Real Estate Villas provides employment for the local community by creating jobs in each new build project, so they can feed and support their loved ones and families.
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