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Solid investments in real estate in Bali with high Return on investment 7% – 15%.


Bali Real Estate Villas provides a professional management service for buying, selling and rental real estate on Bali. We are a reliable partner when it comes to information about the sometimes complicated process and red tape concerning legal ownership of real estate in Indonesia. Our knowledge of Indonesian property laws, as well as our excellent contacts with the local authorities makes us experts in this field. We take care of this quite often time consuming process.

 Along with our team of architects and engineers we can build your dream villa, following your personal requirements, style,  taste and budget. 

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Bali Real Estate Villas is the executive  company for Asian Properties Nederland and Prima Mahesa Beratan Indonesia.

Reasons to invest in Bali.


Bali is beautiful

Bali has always been a top travel destination. Bali is green, Bali is mystic. Bali has a lot to offer: A delightful climate, beautiful sandy beaches, breathtaking nature, gastronomic delights, impressive cultural treasures and traditions. Of course you can enjoy a bustling nightlife. But also you  find hidden gems, far away from the main tourist spots. For instance Nusa Lembongan Island, on southeast coast of Bali, or Jembrana, in the west of the island. These districtsThese are very attractive locations to invest in. Affordable real estate with a high return on investment.


Indonesia and the 7% Growth

Bali’s real estate sector is growing very rapidly. At the same time the rate of exchange of the Rupiah is at an historic low, giving investors great opportunities.  The West Bali district of Jembrana is a very attractive area to invest: The construction prices and the cost of living are still very low. An excellent investment, with a high return on investment (ROI), varying from 8 to 12 years. 





Bali has a lot to offer for tourists: a delightful climate, stunning nature, sandy beaches, friendly people and good food.  Bali is the dream holiday destination for millions of tourist from all over the world. The tourist industry is still growing at a formidable rate, especially towards the less highlighted regions of Bali. At the moment the east of the island is the tourist hotspot, leaving the rest of beautiful Bali still to be explored, giving tourists and investors prime choices.

Ferries connect Bali with surrounding Islands, such as Java, with its rich cultural history.



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Giving back

Bali Real Estate Villas provides employment for the local community by creating jobs in each new build project, so they can feed and support their loved ones and families.
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