White sand beach villa Belitung

We are moving and selling our beach house in Indonesia, on the island of Belitung (Biliton), about a 50-minute flight from the capital Jakarta. The house is located directly on the shore and has a private beach. The house and the garden with approximately 2100 square meters are located in the middle of serene nature. This location is perfect for rest and relaxation, for beach walks, water sports, cycling and other recreational activities. Although in the middle of nature, the house has a good connection to the road network of the island so that the capital and all tourist areas
can be reached quickly and easily.

480 m2

LIVING AREA include garage floor

2100 m2

Lot size

3 Bedrooms


Furnished. include land and certificate on your own name. Not need a nameholder.


The island of Belitung (formerly called Biliton), is far away from the “ring of fire”, so without volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. About 350,000 people live on the island. The municipality of Membalong, in which the house is located, is located in the southwest of the island and is 900 km2 with only about 30,000 people, so a lot of green and fertile nature. The house was built based on a Dutch model on 23 bored piles and is therefore well
anchored to the sandy ground. There are two floors, of which only the 1st floor is currently used as a residence. On the ground floor there are a parking area for 2 cars, a storage room, a shed for bicycles and/or canoes, a bedroom for staff and installations for the water.
In the garden there are a total of 3 wells for groundwater; 2 of them are for watering the plants and trees and 1 of them for the water supply of the house. This water is cleaned by four filters in such a way that it has drinking water quality. The house on the 1st floor has almost 190 square meters of living space. The centre of the house is the large kitchen (34 m2) with storage spaces, gas stove, oven, extractor hood, large Hitachi fridge with freezer and ample storage space. Directly next to the kitchen there is also an extra storage space (9 m2). Also next to the kitchen is a laundry room with a Hitachi washing machine and drying facilities. The L-shaped living room (50 m2) is a bright living space with large windows overlooking the sea and the beach and furnished with a large dining table (220 cm), a cosy sitting area and a hammock. Next to the living room and kitchen is a space of approximately 17 m2 that we use as an office. Next to it is the bedroom (26 m2) with 2 large teakwood wardrobes and a spacious bathroom with Grohe Rainshower.
There is also a 2nd bedroom (11 m2) with private bathroom and a room with 8 m2 available. The house is built in such a way that the wind can circulate throughout the house for cooling. The rooms are 4 meters high, which ensures pleasant temperatures. There is no AC available to avoid unnecessary energy costs. The house has a boiler with solar panels on the roof and hot water in all bathrooms and kitchen. Next to the house is another smaller house with a toilet/bathroom for staff, a kitchen with a gas and wood stove and a seating area. There is also a chicken coop and an aquaponics system available.
The garden is landscaped with various trees such as bananas, mango, soursop, lychees, etc. and flowering shrubs such as bougainvillea, jasmine, hibiscus, etc.
Since the trees were planted in the year 2020, the harvest is expected within the coming years.
The house was built in 2019 and 2020 and finished in 2021.The house is for sale, furnished (except for the bed in the bedroom) as most of the
teak or mahogany furniture is custom made. So, the new owner can move in
immediately without having to move too much stuff. 


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