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Property Purchase

Can I get a loan to buy a villa in Bali?

In Bali it is impossible for foreigners to obtain credit (except in special circumstances). As far as your borrowing options in your country/region are concerned, this is only possible if you have sufficient equity in your home. My partner Robert can help you with this.
Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

Do I require a specific visa as a Bali owner?

If your villa does not generate income, you do not need to hold a specific visa. Otherwise, you will have to establish a company that allows you to legally generate income.

What is the purchase process?

Procurement is carried out in the following way, specifying that we adjust the entire procurement process as far as possible according to the customer’s requirements:

  • Define your needs,.
  • Sign a contract that meets your requirements and specifications.
  • Pay the first deposit,
  • The realization of the plan, if it is outside the villa catalog,
  • Verify the documents and pay the corresponding installments,
  • Visit Bali, sign documents necessary to purchase real estate, meet various professionals (bankers, notaries, lawyers…)
  • Acquisition of land on site or by the consignor,
  • Installment payment, specifying the payment according to the progress of the project and our contract terms.
How can I prepare for my arrival in Bali to buy/build your house?
  • Our company accompanies you throughout the journey. We clearly point out that each of our customers is a special concern, and we will personalize all stages as much as possible according to your needs and requirements. Therefore, the program is scalable and flexible:
  • We will discuss together the best period for arranging your stay in Bali, and you will decide the date that suits you based on your availability.
  • Your stay in Bali: We can help you during this process and direct you to our partner hotels,
  • We will send you a driver at the airport, accompanied by our account manager, who will escort you to your hotel,
  • During your stay, we will handle everything for you, including visits related to your purchase (architects, banks, notaries) and cultural visits to immerse you in Bali (at your own expense).
  • Our appointment in Bali: During the meeting, we will discuss the current market, our working methods, return on investment, especially your project, your wishes and expectations. We will organize visits to some of our villas and lands. You will share your feelings and favorite choices. We will continue to create a bank account. Then we can work together remotely.
Is it possible to arrange an appointment in Bali to visit the provided property and manage the rest of the project from abroad?

As a general rule, our customers verify the entire purchase process during their trip in Bali. If you are still hesitant even though the visit is organized on site, you can perfectly give us a power of attorney so that we can acquire the land in your name for the second time.

If I want to reserve a piece of land, what documents should I provide?

When you stay in Bali, your passport is sufficient. Ideally, you must pay for the land before you leave Bali, and signing a document at a notary office requires your presence. If you are not on the spot and you want to book a specific piece of land, we may have a firm foothold on your land after paying the deposit and waiting for your arrival in Bali.

Can I open a bank account?

You can open a bank account without any problems. However, your presence is required, but the steps are very fast. We will accompany you in this process, because opening an account requires a sponsor.

Do I have to open a bank account in Indonesia?

This is better, because in the case of buying a real estate, you will have to pay various expenses related to the purchase (property tax, insurance, employee salaries if necessary, etc.). In the case of renting a house, you must deposit the rent amount into a bank account in Indonesia.

If I own a property in Indonesia, am I entitled to kitas?

Owning property in Indonesia does not give you the right to kitas. For example, you can create a company to store work packages. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Is there a withdrawal period?

In Indonesia, there is no right of withdrawal. In addition, finding land to submit to you and making plans, specifications or any other legal documents requires a lot of work for us, so we do not recommend taking back the time. This is why the paid ares cannot be refunded in the case of abandoning the binding contract on us.

Is my villa guaranteed?

We provide a one-year warranty for our houses without any major construction defects. This guarantee does not cover force majeure, severe weather, earthquakes, floods, accidents and other issues related to the natural degradation of buildings. For your home insurance, we can refer you to our partners, such as Zurich Insurance Company, which provides most of our customers with theft, fire, earthquake, flood, degradation related to volcanoes or any other natural events insurance.

Can you help me resell my property?

We work with the best real estate agencies to allow you to be related to your real estate resale.

How much is the notarization fee?

The notarization fee related to the lease or purchase of land is approximately 1.5%.

What costs should I bear after the purchase?

The operating costs are as follows:

  • Annual property tax,
  • Property insurance, if you want to dispose of it,
  • Monthly staff costs,
  • Various expenses, such as water, electricity, internet,
  • Clean the product.
In the case of resale of property, does the state tax the proceeds?

The tax levied after resale of real estate in Indonesia is 10% of the declared amount.

Rent Management

I want to rent out my property, but I am worried that my tenant will damage my villa. What solution can you provide me?

At your choice, we can provide your property for rent, with or without deposit, and specify that we will make a checklist of entry and exit. We can discuss the amount of the deposit together. In addition, we require all tenants to provide us with a copy of their ID on the day they enter the house.

Can I get rent insurance?

In Bali, there is no rent insurance. If payment is not made, there is no protection for the tenant. He must leave his residence on the field. Nothing can stop us from using the police, which is very discouraging in Bali. In addition, we require the rent to be paid before the tenant enters the villa to ensure that the rent is paid. No delay can be tolerated. If the payment is not made on the deadline, we will ask the tenant to leave immediately on the spot.

What should I do if there are technical problems during the rental of the villa?

The tenant has been informed when entering your villa that they can contact us very easily and quickly. He has been provided with an information sheet containing phone numbers and email addresses so that he can contact us in case of problems. When encountering such problems, the tenant will contact us, and we will take all necessary measures to find a solution quickly, and the intervention cost will not exceed $300. In addition, we will contact you to obtain permission to start the necessary work.

What are the rental relationships?

The ratios can vary between 15 and 40%, depending on the type of property.

What is the financial situation? Can you help us?

To declare your income at the end of the year, you must have an NPWP number, which is issued by the tax department. We will help you get this number. We can also keep your receipts (receipts / expenses) for your tax return. However, for this we need to have bank statements, as is the case in a business accounting environment. If you are not convinced, you can manage your accounting yourself, and we can prepare the file and obtain the NPWP number.

Fiscally, how is it? Can you help us?

To declare your income at the end of the year, you must have a NPWP number, which is assigned by the tax department. We can assist you to get this number. We can also keep your accounts (receipts / expenses) for your tax return. However, for this we will need to be in possession of your bank statements, as is customary in the business accounting environment. If you are not convinced, you can manage your accounting yourself and we can prepare the file and obtain the NPWP number.

I wish to rent my villa, how long can you find me tenants?

People looking for quality accommodation in Bali are very numerous. Whether tourists looking for a seasonal rental or long-term rental, demand is growing. The average time to find customers wishing to stay in one of our villas is between 1 week to 1 month.

Can I increase the rents of my house annually?

In Bali, the owner is free to set the amount of his rent and increase it at any time. There is no law governing this aspect of rental. We can however advise you on the price of the rent of your villa.

Can I set the lease term?

You are free to set the duration of your lease. It can be a long-term contract (1 year or more), a medium-term contract (6 months) or even seasonal contracts. All you need to do is specify the periods you want to rent, your preferences for the duration of the rentals and we will fill your calendar with clients who wish to rent your villa.

In case of rental, what are your rates for rental management?

f you want to work with us to rent out your villa, our price is 20% for one or two bedroom villas and 18% for three or more bedroom villas.