Bungalow Jasri

Newly renovated bungalow in the middle of the sawas and 300m of the sea with surf beach(volcano stone) also a view of the Gunung Agung and Mount Seraya.

The bungalow with 100m2 living area is located on two long plots of land of 1500m2 together.It has a new roof of Onduvilla on bankirai construction. Plot one is 740m2 with the bungalow on it and located on a public street with local houses.This street connects on a road to the beach with villas and Resort Villa Matanai. This road is connected to the main road.

The country has three level differences, such as sawas.Plot two of 770m2 adjoins the kali. The government planned a second way there.The two plots later have their own roads acces.These are officially located in Area Pariwisata,so Restaurant,Shop,B&B,Rental permit etc….possible!

East Bali is still paradisiacal, more authentic and sometimes conservative. This is where the wild mountain slopes run to and in the sea.The coast is rocky with here and there bays where the fish prawns are waiting for weathered gray lava sand or white sand like a Virgin Beach which is 5 minutes from our bungalow.With the right fisherman you buy fresh shrimps, tuna but also lobster for a reasonable price.

In Amlapura there are local pasars and also a Hardy’s supermarket.Further shopping and possibly eating out in Candidasa or in the many “hidden” resorts.

Snorkeling,diving,cycling,trekking,rafting,mountain climbing,surfing,yoga…..all that is possible.Visit Goa Load or the two water temples, or head into the mountains to cactus area Seraya or in search of snakefruit on the way to the mighty Gunung Agung.

The Bungalow is well built with Onduvilla roof plates on bankirai.The foundation is solid and there are two septic tanks.With your own painting you can completely change the look and also with simple tiles (over the tiles) the appearance can be adjusted to your taste.

100 m2

Living area

1500 m2

Lot size

2 Bedrooms 

and 2 toilets



Pancarasi Resort Bali Garden
Pancarasi Resort Bali

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