Discover Bali

Bali, where is it? And how is it?

Bali is the “Island of the Gods”. It is one of 17,560 islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago. Of these, only 11,000 islands are inhabited. Indonesia has more than 260 million inhabitants. It is very scattered, but also very densely populated. It is the fourth most populous country in the world!

Bali has 4,225,000 residents and is located south of the equator in the Indian Ocean. Bali is 150 kilometers long and 70 kilometers wide, about the size of Corsica. It has a surface area of ​​approximately 5,600 square kilometers and has more than 4,200,000 residents.

The capital of Bali is Denpasar, and its international airport is where most of the population lives. Bali also has several volcanoes, the top one is 3 kilometers high (Mount Agung).

Due to its key location and many infrastructures (roads, international and national airports, sea connections, etc.), Bali is an island very popular with tourists, foreign investors and locals.

Do you want to travel to Bali?

Indonesia is a vast country with more than 17,500 magnificent islands. You can visit many spectacular places within a short distance. If you want to go further, you can explore other parts of Asia or Australia, which is only a few hours away from the hotel. Bali is also a very central destination and it will provide you with the opportunity to travel around the world.

Do you love sports?

You can climb the volcano. Or, if you want, you can walk in the luxurious nature and explore beautiful hikes. Do you like water sports? Why not try scuba diving or fishing? The Indian Ocean is full of extraordinary species, reef sharks, dolphins, rays, colorful fish, giant tortoises, starfish… amazing nature! Horse riding and cycling are also great ways to explore Bali. You may also enjoy activities such as rafting, yoga, relaxation or home massage by the pool.

Do you enjoy local crafts?

Take cooking, traditional dance (Lelong), painting or carving classes to learn more about local traditions. Bali handicrafts are extremely rich.

What do Balinese live on?

Today, Balinese depend mainly on tourism for their livelihoods. In the past, rice culture was the main source of wealth. Together with fisheries, they are still a source of income for the poor. The island benefits from a very special rice culture. It can harvest three crops a year, which is a unique advantage. It has also become one of the most popular destinations in the past few years, and in 2017 Tripadvisor (Travel Reference) rated it as the world’s first destination, second only to Paris. All these aspects make Bali the richest island (per inhabitant) in the country.