Why is Bali the best choice for your retirement?

As we have all noticed, many retirees love to relax in the sun. Bali is one of the most popular places. Living in Bali means living a good life in a beautiful country. Balinese people are very friendly, and you will be attracted by their original and colorful customs and their open-minded attitude. We can all learn a lot from their quality of life. This is an ideal place for peaceful retirement, with many traditional ritual rhythms. Despite the development of tourism, Bali is still a real destination and maintains its identity through traditions and customs.


Extraordinary quality of life and environment

Quality of life is a core concept in our Western society, and this is even more important when you retire. In Bali, pensioners have the impression of starting a new life. Bali offers many places and advantages: luxury villas with private swimming pools, lush gardens, affordable staff to serve you every day, low cost of living, administrative and financial facilities, many different restaurants, idyllic surroundings.

In Bali, you have many options: the south (Seminyak, Kuta) is very touristy, with beaches and surfers, lively nights, Nusa Dua has wonderful white sand beaches, and in the center, Ubud is a true cultural city surrounded by With endless rice fields, temples, majestic volcanoes.

You will be fascinated! For example, in the west, in Amed Bay, the black and silver sandy beaches create wonderful scenery. The north is calm and real, with charming small fishing villages, and the east is also very quiet with fewer tourists. You will be spoiled by various choices, and the price is very attractive, thus enhancing your strength. In fact, Dutch pensioners spend 60% less in Bali than in Holland.

Do you enjoy local crafts?

Take cooking, traditional dance (Lelong), painting or carving classes to learn more about local traditions. Bali handicrafts are extremely rich.

What do Balinese live on?

Today, Balinese depend mainly on tourism for their livelihoods. In the past, rice culture was the main source of wealth. Together with fisheries, they are still a source of income for the poor. The island benefits from a very special rice culture. It can harvest three crops a year, which is a unique advantage. It has also become one of the most popular destinations in the past few years, and in 2017 Tripadvisor (Travel Reference) rated it as the world’s first destination, second only to Paris. All these aspects make Bali the richest island (per inhabitant) in the country.